Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh happy week!
Because of my lack of rememberance I have to start off with what I did today (the rest is a blur ha ha). We got to go to the leatherman factory because a member in our district leaders ward is a big part in the company. He showed us around. For the most part it was pretty loud, smelt like oil and metal, and kinda guyish... But! I did learn something ha ha. It is funny how on a mission absolutely everything can be related to the gospel (I guess it could work the same not on a mission as well). We have so many cool little gadgets and technology and just so much at our hands, but how many times do we think about what goes into something? What goes into making dinner every night? What goes into making lights turn on? What goes into making a 2 inch leatherman tool? etc. and I was thinking about how that is the same in the gospel. I know I am lucky to have the gospel, but I don't realize how lucky I am until I see someone who doesn't have it, and how grateful they are to hear only a portion of the gospel. A guy came into the Visitor Center the other night and he was telling me about his conversation. It was funny because right before that I was having a hard time, I was feeling like maybe I wasn't doing much and that my efforts weren't as great as I thought. Then he came in and shared how grateful he was for the gospel, he told me how his life has changed because of it. He said that the missionaries that taught him will never know how much they helped him, and how grateful he was for them. It was just what I needed. God always knows what I need, and I am so grateful for that. It didn't change the fact that most of our investigators don't come to church, but it helped me to get motivated and see the big picture. It isn't just about now, but it is about having an eternal perspective. When I think about my investigators at an eternal perspective, I see the greatness that they are going to do, and how much their children and grandchildren need them, and their future generations and the change the gospel can make for them. In short, I was pumped to go out and make sure that I did all I could to help them out for the best eternity possible for them.
It made all the difference this week. It was a slower week with lessons last week, but when I told myself that it was ok, and that we were going to find people, and that I was going to put my whole heart into it, because I wanted it that bad for them, that is when the blessings flowed! Our next lesson was with an older lady, she is 82 and I love her with all my heart, from the moment I first met her I just loved her so much, it almost makes me cry. I am not even sure why I feel so much love for her. But I wanted the gospel so bad for her, because I knew without a doubt that it was what she needed to not feel so alone. Before our lesson she called us and told us that it was probably going to be our last lesson, because she wasn't going to convert and she felt bad for taking up so much of our time. I told her we would talk about that at the lesson. The spirit has never been so strong at any of my lessons. We were at the visitors center and by the end we were both in tears (Sis. Piggot doesn't cry.. lol). It was the first time I ever really really wanted it for someone for their own welfare, and she felt it. She trusted us and opened up about a few concerns. At the end she asked if we could meet again. I was full with gratitude and so grateful that the spirit was the guide of that lesson, because lets be honest.. sometimes I have no idea what to do, or what these people need to hear. But God always does! Ohhhh and you know that mother and daughter that I talked about a long time ago that kinda feel off the face of the earth, well... we are teaching them on Thursday!!! What a blessing of a week! There are so many great things happening and I am just soo excited! Did I tell you that this ward has not seen a baptism in over 2 years.. well, I feel very strongly that this is going to change soon! I wish I could tell you about each and every one of our investigators. Maybe someday! Gosh I love em :)! Moral of the story is don't give up! On anyone or on anything. I figured out this great analogy in my head.. ha ha ready for it..? So life is kinda like a work out routine (bare with me), working out is good for us, but sometimes we just don't want to do it. That is the same with situations in life, we know what is good for us but sometimes we just don't do it.. because it is easier. Also.. there are points in a workout where it is easy to just give up and stop. But if we finish the work out, how much better do we feel about ourselves? Same with life, if we keep going when it is easy to give up, we will be grateful in the end and feel great! Ok.. maybe it wasn't such a great analogy, but it sounded really awesome in my head! Anyway, life is short, so do the best we can, because eternity isn't! I love you lots!!
Sister Poulson
THE CHURCH IS SOOO TRUE!! I never ever ever want to forget it! (I found how much more I grow when I have something spiritual in every day, because for me church is great and I get a spiritual high.. but it fades throughout the week, that is why it is so important to read the scriptures everyday. So I can be reminded of how great our God is!)

Funny of the week: We are driving to the visitors center to meet one of our investigators. I type in the address in the GPS and it tells us to go straight. Well.. Sister Piggott is positive that she knows this shortcut that the GPS doesn't. Me: "I think we are supposed to go straight here." Her: "Oh no.. see I have found a lot of short cuts, and this is one that the GPS doesn't know." So.. after driving for about 5-10 min, we come out of her "short cut" a good 5 feet from the spot where the short cut began.. ha ha turns out her short cut was more of a scenic route.. and we were only 30 min. late for our lesson, but.. our investigator understood!

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