Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dearest Family,

   What a week! We have a lot of great investigators right now and they are just awesome! I was thinking about it and it is weird but almost all of them are males.. I really don't know why. Turns out there are a lot single fathers out there that are ready to receive the gospel. 

   We had been trying to meet with this guy and his son for a while. But of course he had ramadon, and like most others "excuses". We figured he just wasn't interested (that tends to happen ever so often :S) and that we should just use the Lords time elsewhere. Well.. it was great! He texted us and he was in need of food. He is struggling financially to get as much food as his kids eat. Of course we were willing to help him! We called so many people. Then he said "regardless of if you can find help for me, I would like to take the lessons". It was one of the greatest texts we have gotten! It was so great to see that he didn't have to be helped first to learn more, but that he recognized it as something he needed regardless of what we could offer him in return. I also have to say I love the perfect example of Christ. I love that He doesn't ask for things in return for all the blessings he gives us. He gives just because he loves us and he wants us to have joy. I am sure it would have been easy for the church to not be willing to help him because he isn't a member, but that just wasn't an option. They help everyone, and I am so grateful for that! Anyways, we have taught him and his 2 kids. They couldn't be more prepared. He is such a great example to his kids and so willing to help them with their spiritual journey and it is so great to see. I honestly wish that the lesson could have been filmed. I can't describe how submissive to the spirit and willing to learn they are, and how eager they are to become close to Christ. I wish it was like that with everyone. 

   There is just one out of many great experiences that I have been able to have this week. Missions are great! Hard, but there is nothing that bring more joy than watching the miracles from God in other peoples lives. There is nothing quite like not thinking about myself and only worrying about others. I used to think that it was sad when people didn't come talk to me at church or what not, now I realize that life is much better when I am the one thinking about who needs to be sat by and who needs me. 

Much love,

Sister Poulson 


Weekly Funny: It was our first lesson with one of our investigators Bob. We like to have the investigator say the closing prayer so we invited him to do so. We were in a hurry and he expressed that he didn't really know how to. Well.. in the back of our pamphlets we have this handy dandy "how to pray" chart. We were in a hurry so we told him to look at the "How do I pray?" example. He starts to pray: "address your Heavenly Father... express the feelings of your heart... request to confirm the truth of the Book of Mormon... close in the name of Jesus Christ.." ha ha ha ha it was so cute! He was so humble and he even said it reverently  but it was so hard not to laugh.. 

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