Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello again!

   I realize that my emails probably bore you to death with experience after experience.. ha ha and going on page after page.. ha ha so I am sorry. I know it is only going to get worse when I get to tell you them in person.. and then you will really get sick of it. But hey, we are trying to tell our investigator that experience is the way to know there is a God, experience is the way to build a testimony and it is also a way that we can share our testimony. So.. I will keep sharing :).

   I had an awesome experience the other day at the VC. A guy came in with his daughter and they walked right past me. It would have been easy to just let them browse on their own but I decided to go up and talk to them. I guess this where I learn to never ignore the promptings of the spirit, because then important moments could be gone forever. I love the spirit in the VC and so I started talking about how I knew they would feel the spirit as they went around the center. Immediately he filled up with tears and told me that he felt the spirit there. Through the whole narration he was in tears. (PS he was a big hancho man so whoever says that "tuff" guys don't cry just needs to go on a mission and watch the humbling power of the spirit) Of course I was terrified because I knew how much he was feeling the spirit and I did not want to stand in the way or mess anything up. Somehow I managed to get the courage and continue taking them around the center. I found out he was not a member and that his teenage daughter had just recently gotten baptized less than a year ago. It was amazing how the Spirit guided. Some random kid came up to one of the displays and played the testimony of Elder Uchdorf and then ran off... ha ha however, the whole time the guy was crying. After a long tour haha I knew I needed to ask him if he wanted to meet with missionaries and learn how to feel that spirit all the time. (I really should have just invited him to be baptized). He told me that missionaries were already coming over every Sat. since his daughter was baptized. Then he started sobbing.. I think it is so great when guys cry (not in a mean way of course), anyways, he chocked out "When I woke up this morning I had a very strong feeling that I needed to come to the Center today, and I know that I was supposed to be here." It was just so amazing to be a part of the Lords work. To watch him work miracles and just hope I don't get in the way. It was such a spiritual experience that even after he left the center I had to just sit down and ponder on how amazing God is, and how true the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is. If it weren't from God then the power of God couldn't work in all the ways I have seen it. 

   Also.. We got a refferal. PS I love those! So if you are not talking to the gospel with someone at least once a week, maybe reevaluate priorities ;). I was thinking about it, and when I was in my last area teaching Jane and Ludy (sorry I always forget their made up names) they only met with us because someone invited them to come to church and then later invited to them to meet with us a learn more. We asked them if they would have talked to us if we came knocking on their door, they were honest and said "no". Ludy is kinda prideful and if 2 strangers came to his door and said that they want to bring him closer to Christ and knew that what they had to share would change every aspect of their life for the better, he wouldn't believe them. Because after all, we didn't know him, but his friends did and they could really know that the gospel would bless his life. Long story short, share the gospel, otherwise the work doesn't progress! Also I have to thank you for your example to me mom and dad! :) Thanks for showing me how and why the gospel could bless me and loving me enough to make sure that I was a part of it.

I love you!

Sister Poulson 


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