Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love to see the temple!

Hello Familia!
What a week! So.. you know how I was talking about this area being "dead". Well.. it isn't anymore! We currently have 8 steady investigators and more potential as well. I love it! We are crazy busy and I wish I could tell you the story of each investigator. But I am not sure any of you have time for a novel. I am trying to sort out my week and remember what happened this week.. time seems to all mesh together and I am not sure what I have told you and what I haven't. Maybe I should have thought about this before.. Ha ha. I just want to say how great members are in the missionary work! Last night we were at the V.C. and a non-member family came in, it was super obvious considering all the tattoo's and he slightly resembles Jesus with his long hair and facial hair as well. Anyway this was one of the first times Sister Piggott and I got to teach together at the V.C., usually it is so crowded that we have to split and each talk to different people. But it just so happened to be a slower night and we could focus all our attention on this family. We taught the restoration and it went really well. One of the main questions we get asked is "what sets your church apart from all the other Christian churches" which is a much better question than "are Mormons Christian", anyway, the mom asked us that and we talked about prophets and the authority and how that was the biggest difference and an essential difference about our church. A lady happened to be in the V.C. right when we were talking about it, she left and then she came back 10 or so min. later and told me that she could not stop thinking about this lady's questions, so that she had to come back because she didn't want to have to say "I should have said something". Anyway she told us a lot about how the Church has helped her in her life and how it was different to her. At the end the mom who originally asked the question was in tears and telling her thank you and that something she had said had actually been on her mind for a while. It was amazing, I have no doubt that the Lord puts us in places at certain times for a reason. I am just so glad that she not only recognized the prompting but that she wasn't too afraid to act on it, I am so glad that she came back and shared that experience with this family.
The Visitor Center is awesome, did I tell you about the temple security guard and how he brought in a couple that weren't members? Well.. if I did you are going to hear it again. This couple came in with the temple security guard and they went through the whole tour of the V.C. (not that it's that large.. ha ha) at the end they were telling us that they had both been in near death experiences and both exceeded a death date given to them by doctors. He was in a comma and was told that he would never be coming back, so many of his family members were ready to pull the plug and just give up on him. But she insisted that they don't ever give up on him. When the doctors told her that he wasn't going to live she looked them in the eye and said "you can't tell me when he is going to go, and you can't take his life, only God knows and only God has the power to do that". Anyway he woke up from the comma and was only saved because of her faith in God. She knew the whole time that God wouldn't fail her and that He had all the power, she knew that whether he lived or not was not her decision and because of that he is still alive today. They both have the strongest testimonies and know that they are here for a reason. Now we are sharing with them that reason for this life. Turns out that they were in our area and interested in learning more so we have been teaching them and they even came to church on Sunday! We are working with the greatest people. Sometimes I think they are here to teach me instead of the other way around. Missionary life is good! Hopefully soon we will have some baptisms that I can email you about! I love you lots and I thank God every night for giving me you! I always express how great my family is.. one lady said you love that the church is so family oriented because you have a good family situation. And I said no.. because of the church and the faith my family has is the reason we have such a good family situation.
Much love,
Sister Poulson

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