Monday, March 5, 2012


I don't have a lot of time so I am going to try to make this one shorter lol!

Sister Piggott was telling me that her stake president said to her before she went on a mission " Elders go on their missions because they made a promise to God while in heaven that they would, Sister go on missions because they made promises in heaven to people that they would come and find them and teach them the gospel." I loved this! I love thinking that I did make promises to people, and I told them that because they wouldn't have the gospel I would come find them and give them that great opportunity so they too can live with their father in heaven forever. I am so lucky to be trusted by God and by the people here!

The other day at the V.C. (Visitors Center) a lady came in on a wheelchair completely bright eyed and full of sunshine. She was so sweet and so nice and I just loved her. I watched a film about families with her called Gods Plan and after it I bore my testimony on how lucky we are to have eternal families and the greatness of Gods plan for us. Then she said "My whole family is inactive.. completely inactive, where does that leave me?" I felt really bad and at first I wasn't sure what I was going to say, I haven't been where she is and I needed to know how to help her. I started talking about how God knows her and he knows her Children and a lot of other comments. Anyway time went on and she said thank you, but a few min. later I had this feeling that I should read her the bookmark Grandma Poulson gave me. I love that book mark! I walked over to her and told her to read it because it reminded me of her, her eyes were bad so she asked if I would read it for her. I choked back tears and read it to her, we talked about it and how God knew us before this life and he knew we would forget him, but there will be a day when we marvel at the wounds in the Saviors hands and realize all that he did was for us, and that God made a promise to us that he would not forget nor forsake us but that he would never give up on his children and always come for us. And that he would not leave us comfortless but that he would keep trying . She was sobbing at the end and the spirit was so strong. We were surrounded by amazing technology and the thing that touched her the most was on a small piece of 10 cent paper.
By the end of last month we were out of miles. We wrote down that we were going to go drop off a Book of Mormon to someone who had requested one online. We figured that was a pretty big step so we would for sure do that. Anyway we got there and he wasn't home and the miles were out. So.. we went tracting down that street! It was freezing.. and raining pretty hard! And to be honest I wasn't too excited about tracting, but.. I sucked it up and off we went. We first met Roy (not his real name), We knocked on his door and we knew he had just been smoking. We gave our usual schpiel and before he said no we started talking about him and asking questions about what he was doing in Lake Oswego and so on. He said he was trying to fix his life. Before I knew it I started talking about trials and how God and this gospel helps us through trials. He accepted our invitation to come back! And if that wasn't enough we went a few houses down with little success and then ended up at Norris's house. He answered and again we gave our schpiel. He said he was a Mormon.. well was a Mormon. We talked and turns out he stopped going to church when he got married because his wife was not a member and it caused a lot of problems. He was sooo shocked to see us. But in a good way! He said he hadn't opened the door in 2 years and now he does and it is us. We talked and he kept saying things like "I can't believe your here!" He asked where the church was and said that he was at a place where he could now come back to church (he was divorced as well). It was a neat experience and it was the first real time that I felt I was in the right place at the right time. I don't know what was going on before or what his life was like, but he knew and we knew that we needed to be there!
The Lord works in mysterious ways! Neither of us had a prompting to tract that street but the Lord made sure we were there! I love being part of His work!

I love you all!!!
Sister Poulson

Quote of the Week: "the gospel does not make life easy, it makes it possible"

Funny of the week: We called a lady to confirm a lesson and a man answered the phone.. It was very obviously a man too lol. Sister Piggott asked "Hi! Is this Suzy?!" ha ha poor guy insisted on now getting a voice change..

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