Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time flies when your having fun!

I feel like usually I have so much to say. But this week has been so busy and crazy that I don't know what to say. We got 2 new Investigators, Marv and Mertle.. ha ha hainess I know.. and they are awesome. I love when members help us out. We have been so busy doing visits and meeting with our investigators that we literally do not track anymore.. so finding people is harder. But... we have the best ward ever and they help us out in so many ways! A brother in our ward has been friends with Marv since high school (maybe even before) and he had this prompting that he should invite him and his wife to church with him on Sunday. Anyway they came! And when he asked if they wanted to meet with the missionaries they said yes! I love it when that happens! And I love when the Lord prepares people for us! Anyway they are awesome.. what more can I say! Marv loves us ha ha. He announced at church to a whole lot of people that we are his new girlfriends, then he insisted that he be our adopted dad while we are on our missions and spoil us like crazy. So ya.. he's awesome right?! She is awesome too! She is feeding us tonight actually! They insisted on feeding us dinner before our lesson tonight and apparently she is a great cook. And by looks of Marv it is pretty obvious :)! We are excited for that. Our first lesson went on for hours though.. the member friend came with us and he decided he was going to teach the lesson.. ha ha I was so frustrated but looking back it was kinda funny, and I guess it wasn't completely awful considering they invited us back and our now our adopted parents.
The Visitor Center is going great! I love going there and being all dry and warm ha ha and it is always well lit! I swear Oregon doesn't like light.. it is always dark because of the clouds,trees, and then people decide not to have street lights or porch lights for that matter. Which does awful things to Sister Piggots clumseyness ha ha. Oh.. and did I tell you they love pets. When I say love that is almost an understatement.. they are better than children to some people. Not only do they all have them, but they sit and eat with them using the same fork and plate.. weird right. Maybe the Lord sent me here to adapt to pets, but I think I still won't like them when I get back lol. Anyway.. that was a random tangent. The other day we had a man call into the Center who is 27 and has been baptist his whole life. He asked if we do lessons over the phone, so.. we called him yesterday and taught him the restoration. It was awesome!!! He felt like he was doing something really bad by researching other churches, but he said that he just had this hole that the Baptist church didn't fill. (Sad but we love to hear that.) So we filled his hole! Ha ha.. weird. Anyway, it went really well, at the end he was crying (yes a 27 year old man in tears) and he explained that he didn't know why he was crying but he wasn't sad, and that he had the most amazing feeling. Oh my goodness it is so great when things like that happen. And I started to realize how lucky I am to always have that feeling, and to know what it is. So many people go throughout their life not having it, and here I am having it all the time and taking it for granted. He loved the feeling of the spirit and even said that he wanted to have it all the time. We told him he could! And if I could play it out right now I would say that he will be getting baptised fairly soon! It is funny how different all our investigators are. We are still working with.. oh crud I forgot her made up name.. ha ha but we are still working with her and she is doing awesome. She loves everything about the church and we even invited her to be baptized, she says that it is very possible but she wants to be sure, which is totally understandable. And great! She is a slow progressor and Bill (the Baptist) is a speedy one! Sparkle is no longer in the picture. She was so stoked to meet us and invite us back but when we came back she wasn't home. Which was weird because before that I had this feeling that I needed to write out notes in the chapter of the Book of Mormon we were reading to help her understand.. I wrote a lot of notes. So we left that at her door and that was that, I just hope someday she will come across it, or someone will and be helped by my notes! Ha ha I think the Lord knew that she wasn't going to be home, and that we weren't going to be able to teach her, so He had me teach her in a way that she will be able to find when she is ready. Lucy and Gucy have been so busy that it is hard to find a time to meet with them. Sometimes I forget that people have lives ha ha I think everyone is just a missionary and thinking about the gospel all the time. So hopefully we will be able to meet with them sometimes in the next week (which is hard again because we are sooo busy.. our whole week is already planned with a ton of lessons which is great). We have a lot of new investigators :) some from the V.C.!! Anyway.. This letter was a little more boring than the rest but I am just so drained right now. Ha ha it has been a crazy P-day filled with service, stitches (not on me), and skitsofrenic emotional draining people (who I love). I hope you are all doing good. I love you millions!
Sister Poulson

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