Monday, June 11, 2012

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid … for the Lord thy God … will not fail thee, nor forsake thee"

Hello Family!

  Yesterday was wonderful! Carol that we have been teaching has always been hesitant to move forward with the gospel. I remember a while back we were over doing service in her yard and I thought I would invite her to church. I got the courage to do so and she responded "NO! I have done the church thing before and I don't need to do it again." That was that and I kind of just let it be. She always said that she would never convert and felt bad that she was wasting our time. Well whoever said "no effort wasted" was completely right. We had considered dropping her but I just felt this deep desire to help her and her welfare. So.. we kept meeting with her. With time, lessons seemed to be getting better. We would go to the lessons and we would both sob because of the power of the spirit. Before too long she had gained a testimony herself. She said she knew it was true and just struggled a little with Joseph Smith. So next lesson we focused on just that. By the time we met again she had completed Joseph Smith History and she knew that he was a prophet! I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to scream with joy at that. No worries, I contained my excitement. After that we asked her what time her church was. It just so happened to be at the same time as ours. Regardless we asked her to come with us to church. She said she would love to!! She came on Sunday and I love how aware God is of all of his children. I swear all the lessons were written just for her (and me of course haha it was a good meeting..). She loved it and I cannot wait for her progression. I love the power of the spirit, it turns the once impossible into possible!

    Also we had been meeting with agnostic Remmi (ha ha forgot my made up name once again). He had told us that prayer was just a mental meditation for him and he didn’t see it as anything more. We discussed prayer a lot in our lesson. The next time we came to visit with him he was explaining how he had had a really good day, and so he did as we suggested and just prayed and said a prayer of gratitude. His face was glowing! He said he immediately thought of us when that happened and although he said he wasn't sure what it meant, I really believe he does. It was a great feeling. Maybe it was not a baptismal date, but it was a huge step in his life. He had a completely different atmosphere about him and instead of immediately going into a discussion he asked what we would be learning that day. We read Alma 32 (which is a great chapter by the way), that talks about faith and how to recognize the spirit of God and gain that testimony. He loved it and said he would read the rest of the chapter. I love seeing the steps people make towards coming closer to Christ, and the difference it brings in their presence! It is great!

  I had a lot of other great experiences this week! One was at the Visitors Center. We were doing our temple ground tours that we do each Sunday and I saw a man and his 2 kids out sitting by the fountain. A voice told me to go and ask them if they want to join the tour. Sure enough they were happy to join. By the end of the tour we went and listened to the narration about Christ. He was in tears, then we watched the movie about eternal families, again he was in tears. He was feeling the Spirit! I love how families really are one of the greatest ways that God shows his love, and that because of that love we can have the things we love the most forever! It is the things we think about, and the things we focus on that makes us who we are. And I want to always have that eternal perspective in my mind, so I can always live the life Christ would have for me. 

   Well that is all.... JK! I got transferred! Crazy... ha ha it was the last thing anyone expected was for me to leave. District leaders and Zone Leaders both had to check twice to make sure it was really me who was getting transferred. My companion is Sister Bothwell, I love her! It is great because we already knew each other, no awkward "how many siblings do you have?" conversations. I am not in the Meridian Park ward. I have to say that it was really hard to leave all of those people that I have grown to love so much. But it is also so exciting to start a new adventure. I have faith that the Lord knows where He needs me, and I will work my hardest for Him. I have only heard of the new people I am teaching here, so I am excited to meet them and see just what the Lord has in store for me. I love you all so much! 


Sister Poulson 

Funny of the week: Sister Johnston (our visitors center directors wife) was texting us and asking us where we were. It just so happens that there is a street called A street that we were walking up. So Sister Piggott responded "just walking up a street" ha ha. I think she was confused.. 

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