Sunday, July 15, 2012

God bless America!

My oh so special most wonderful family!

  How art thou? This week was a good one for me, thank you for asking ;)! We got to stay out till 10:30 on the 4th watch a bunch of illegal fireworks, and eat way too much as usual. It was fun. I love celebrating freedom, and I love that God has given us freedom. Sometimes I wonder how bad it hurts God to see so many of his children abandon His commandments and watch them choose paths that lead them to get hurt. While it is sad to think about it, it really does show God's love, that he loves us enough to not stop all the bad from happening, but wants us to choose our own destiny in a way. Of course God could step in every time we have a skinned knee and save every bad thing from happening; but if we really think about it, it is in those hard times; those times where we are humbled where we really come to find God. It is in those times where we really need him, and we take the time to remember that we can't go through this life alone. And it is through those hard times where we can learn and grow the most. A lady came into the center who had just buried her dad. The situation is so sad, but as hard as it was it helped her become more grateful for the plan of salvation. For that great plan that God has made for us, that if we just choose to follow Him, which always leads to happiness, then we can have more blessings that are eternal and that bind those family units together. We don't really know how great that blessing is, until we have lost someone we love. I am grateful that I get to choose the wrong every once in a while, and that because of that I know how it feels to separate myself from God, so that I can be reminded of how great Christ's way really is and gain that testimony that it really is true. For everything that is good comes from God. 

    So we got to watch another Disney movie today!! Why you ask.. well because our zone excelled the most in baptisms this month. How many of those did I help with... none. And it is hard, it is hard to see so many people have so much success and feel like I work so hard but it just doesn't happen. But then I always am reminded that I am where the Lord needs me to be, and I am doing what I can, so there is definitely something that I am doing to help with Gods work. I was reminded about that when we were sitting in church yesterday and we were talking about missionary work. The whole lesson was on how we can help teach and bring people to the church and all of that great stuff. But one lady raised her hand and she said it is not that we are trying to get people to come into our church, it is really that we want to help these people. We love the gospel because it has helped us, we love it because it brings us more happiness and comfort than anything else could. We love it because it is our one stable rock we can build our foundation on. That is why it is important to share, not because we want people to get baptized (even though that is a great step) it is because we want people to know of the greatness of having God in their lives is. Because I love my friends and I love the gospel, that is why I want to share it! Oh.. but I also should just say that Jane and Lark (haha I totally forgot their "code" names.. but they are the older couple "my boyfriend" and his wife from my last area) are getting baptized!!! I was so excited I almost died! I never would have thought that they would be getting baptized, well I mean of course I did. I usually go into meeting with someone saying "so when they are baptized" but with them I really did wonder if would happen, and guess what, the Lord again works miracles and they are getting baptized on August 11th! Right before Willis's birthday so I guess that is how I will be celebrating :)!!!!!! YIPIIEE SKIPPY! Ha ha

  I have one cool story I want to tell you. So me and Sister Bothwell always get asked "so are the people usually nice to you" we always respond "yes they are. They are not always receptive but I think because we are girls we don't get doors slammed or people chasing us down and what not" anyways karma or something caught up to us because we were tracking and we get to a door and a guy answers who seemed nice. Anyways after explaining who we are he literally says "yes I know who you are and you are not welcome here" SLAM! Ouch.. but it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be, I thought I would feel offended and all but really I just felt sad, I was so sad that they were not able to hear the message and so sad because I knew the blessings they were missing out on. Anyways, instead of thinking "though crowd" we went on tracing and later came to a door and nice lady answered. She looked at us like she knew us and invited us in... turns out she just moved there and she said she is "sort of" a member. Of course we loved hearing that she needed some missionary help and made sure that we could come back and meet with her and her cute little family. I just love how the Lord directs His work. Because lets be honest.. I have no idea. Ha ha I see the wall in front of my face, and he sees the end from the beginning. Which I am so grateful for!

  Well.. we are still working with a lot of people and we are hoping some great things come from it. Work hard and keep moving forward! I love you,


Sister Poulson

Weekly funny: We were eating at a members who works with the Spanish Elders as well. Anyways one of the Elders is named Elder Broadhead and she was talking about them and somehow she said Elder Bighead and went on to talk about his companion Elder Whitehead.. (she was dead serious) His name wasn't even close to that.. haha it was kinda funny. What is even funnier is she went on to tell us that he looked like Mr.. Beans. She asked if I knew who Mr. Beans was and instead I respond "ya.. I have seen beans"

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