Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Love one another


   I decided that it is impossible to tell anyone about a mission. Just is.. everyone just has to go on one. Thats all.. have a great week! ;) haha JK! Well I have to say happy July! I love the 4th of July, why you might ask? Well.. I wish I could tell you that as well. We are going to have a little ward breakfast and then walk to the temple (of course we won't be doing that because we have to go go go and walking 5 miles cannot fit in the agenda), but it should be fun and I am excited to help out and be a part of the ward! Sundays are great aren't they? Yesterday was so productive.. I love that feeling. Usually in the mornings we have a harder time finding out the most productive thing to do. Yesterday, we visited referrals. We walked around the corner of one guys house and about died from a heart attack when the guy sneak attacked us while smoking on the porch. Anyways he was super sweet, and we testified all about the Book of Mormon. Thinking about it.. there is no word we can say or nothing we can do to help someone truly understand the importance of that book. And sometimes it is sad that it is underestimated, but truly, like it says in the introduction; it testifies and is a witness that Jesus is the Christ, we really do have a Savior who felt everything we ever felt, and understands us when no one else does, and most importantly loves us so much that no matter how many times we screw up, he doesn't get angry but only wants our eternal welfare. And of course, it gives us the guidelines for the happiest life, so we don't screw up as much lol. Sometimes I think I might be too bold, which seems crazy because before I left I felt I was the exact opposite. Where is the balance?! haha.. oh well.

   We have the greatest new investigator! I am not sure if I told you about her but by golly I love her! We met her tracting and it was one of those experiences where you know you were in the right place at the right time. Reminded me that it's ok if something doesn't go as planned, because there is another path that God has placed for us. We taught her the plan of Salvation and she felt the spirit so strong! I love knowing that no matter how wrong I might teach something, that the ultimate teacher will be the Spirit and that is what will truly change her heart.

    Another neat experience this week was at the Visitors Center. A lady came in with her friend who was not a member. I felt so much love for her, which is always a good sign, from the moment we started talking. She watched restoration and did the Christus but when we got to the Book of Mormon display she watched endure to the end. After talking about it she started crying and I knew there was something hard going on her life. Sometimes enduring is so hard.. I really just wanted to hug her! Turns out she lost her husband a year ago and the term "till death do you part" really bugged her. I found it so great that even though she didn't have the scriptures that confirmed that families are eternal, she had the hope that it was and deep down she believed she would see him again. It is such a witness to me that we really did know Gods plan before we came to this earth, every one of us. And we knew there would be pain and we knew there would be suffering, but we knew there would be joy and we knew that it was going to worth it. That it is! I feel blessed to know that it is worth it, that it is all for something greater, and that good things don't have to end! I love that we have the scriptures that confirm those hopes and life's unanswered question 

   Well.. I have lots more to tell you. But I have no time! I love you millions!
Sister Poulson

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