Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This one is spell checked.. ha ha 07/16/12

Hello again!

    This was a good week! Slow on the lessons, but still a great week. We had zone conference and I love how God knows exactly what we need. This week I have prayed for a miracle, and yet again, God still listens to my prayers. We have been meeting with Roy for a while now and he has been very slowly progressing. For some reason it is near impossible to get people to read the Book of Mormon.. we live in a lazy society, that’s all! Anyway, we are finally moving along with him. On Saturday we called him and he started talking about how he needs to come to church and then the miracle happened. Normally it would be "I know I need to come" but then when he would come wouldn't exist in the conversation. Saturday, he said he would come! I know you are all thinking.. wow.. big deal.. but really! It is a huge deal! Why you might ask? Because he knows the importance of Church, before he just came, now he sees church as a step in changing his ways and aligning them with Gods. Why else? Because he knows that church is a place where he can go and feel of God’s love, before he wouldn't even pray because he was so fearful that he wasn't worthy, or that God had all this wrath waiting for him. What he is now starting to realize is that God may have wrath, but that’s only when we don't try.. when we continue in the opposing path and willfully rebel. When we try, we won't be perfect, but that wrath won’t be upon us. Anyway, he came to church!!!!!!!!! I don't think there can be enough explanation points for that! He showed up a few min. late and I don't think Sister Bothwell could have been more nervous. For some reason, I wasn't nervous, I knew he would be there, and sure enough he was. A member stood up in church and bore his testimony on the power of prayer and fasting. It was meant for Roy! He has had such a hard time praying, which for me isn't easy to understand because I have always done it, I just hope he knows that nothing bad can come from it. Heavenly Father wants to hear us! I mean if I stopped talking to you, would that make your wrath less towards me? (first of all I hope there isn't wrath) but I just think that because you love me, you want to hear from me, no matter how much I have screwed up.

   So mom, i was thinking about emotions and how "blessed" I am to receive your "tender heart". But I finally know why the spirit brings out my emotions, it is because God is love, and when I talk about God or those who love me, it is so attached to my heart that all I can do is cry.

  Another random tangent.. I find it interesting how I don't realize the importance of a situation/person/lesson until the situation arises. There is a quote in one of the videos that says "once the time for decision has come, the time for preparation is over" and it is so true. It is then when I wish I was more prepared. I can only imagine what it will be like at the judgment seat.

   Well, there are more stories to tell, no time for them! I love you all so much!

Sister Poulson

Weekly funny: Yesterday Sister Bothwell was reckless driving and our cupcakes we had flew across the car and all got smashed except for one. So I took the one cupcake and I placed it on the middle arm rest. Sure enough, Sister Bothwells arm goes straight into it.. haha so when we were driving out of church realizing we didn't have a napkin we pulled over and asked a lady if she had a baby wipe.. Well.. she didn't. But she did have a diaper.. ha ha and insisted that we use that to wipe off her arm. First of all why does she have diapers and no wipes with only baby girls 2nd of all.. the other Sisters we share a car with loved seeing a "dirty" diaper laying on the car floor.

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