Monday, October 1, 2012


  I feel like not much happened this week, but then when I really think about it the beginning of this week felt like months ago (which means a lot happened lol). We have a great reputation for finding people with weird languages. Our chuukese friend is getting baptized on the 29th :), which was a great testimony to me of the gift of tongues.. I realized it is not only being able to speak in other languages, but really being able to teach in a way that the spirit can teach him, because without that there would be no baptism coming up I can tell you that. So if you haven't heard of Chuukese you might have heard of Martialeeze.. I don't even know how to spell it. He is from the Martial Islands and when Sister Bothwell asked if he spoke Martialeeze I thought it was a joke.. but nope.. it's real.. and the language barrier was even harder. It was so hard because as simply as we tried to teach it was like nothing was getting through. I would ask him a question and he would respond "yes". I was beginning to relate him to dad and his German "the yes/no man". Finally we decided that we couldn't do much so we watched the restoration. And can you believe that out of the 20+ languages it is in Martialeeze isn't one of them. I guess I wasn't too supprised.. I remember being so nervous when it was showing Joseph Smith going from church to church trying to find which one was right, if any. One of the preachers was stating "God has given us minds to be logic.. we don't need prayer to reason", and when I looked over he was nodding.. I was scared he would only get pieces out of it and then at the end I realized that it really doesn't matter what was said.. ok well maybe a little.. but the most important part is that the spirit was there. Because afterall the Spirit is the main teacher. I remember listening to a talk and I think I went off day dreaming about one thing he said and missed the rest, however, I know that the Spirit was speaking to me what I needed to hear at that time. And as much as I would like to read the minds of my investigators.. ok maybe not all the time.. however, it just doesn't happen like that. I can ask a million questions and still not understand them completely. Only God can. And that is why he teaches us :). 

   I remember one day this week just feeling so alone.. I know you are thinking "you are with a companion 24-7 Sister Poulson.. how can that even possible" but it is. You know those times where you just feel like no one else understands, or whatever it is. Well I decided to watch the Easter Film in the Visitors Center. It is a Mormon Message and it is all about our Savior. By the end I was in tears because I had to realize again that there is nothing in this life that I can feel or go through, that the Savior hasn't been through with me. I thought even deeper and I realized that there had to be times in the Saviors life where He felt he wasn't going to make it back.. because he had to understand what every single person on this earth had to feel. But because of His suffering alone, I don't ever have to be. I know there is always someone who understands, and better yet He understands perfectly and loves perfectly so He knows exactly how to help us. I just love that... 

    We have 2 baptisms on the 29th :). I might need some waterproof mascara sent to me.. just sayin. We are going to sing "Image in your countenance".. pray for me lol. It is really going to be an amazing day. I have seen the transformation of these two guys.. and I truly know that no matter who the person is or where they are at in their life that the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ can help them. Pray for missionary opportunities, there is no better feeling than being an instrument in Gods hands. I still have a lot of growth and learning to do, and I don't always know the answers, but I love knowing I can help and seeing how happy these people are. PS I will send pictures!!


Sister Poulson 


Funny of the week: Sister Bothwell thought it would be a great idea to make her own trail mix and bring them on our P-day road trip. Well.. she is messy.. ha ha ok JK! But I guess not because somehow she managed to drop a few chocolate chips onto the seat without noticing (or maybe it was intentional lol). A little later that chocolate had made a beautiful art exhibit on my pants. It wasn't the most enjoyable thing... but others got a good laugh at it.

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