Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello again!

   This week there have been a lot of transfer predictions... apparently this upcoming transfer (which isn't till Oct. I'll have you know) is going to be a huge transfer for sisters. We were told that during the winter months some of the Visitor Center Sisters will be transferred out and go full time proselyting for a few transfers, also we are supposed to be getting two new spanish sisters for the center. A lot of the Sisters have said I will train.. which would terrify me out of my mind.. but if that is the case I might learn Spanish!! Wouldn't that be awesome. Or really hard.. I can't decide which one, probably both! However, I love my area! So much! I have grown to love the ward so much! They are so supportive and loving and just awesome, and also the people we are teaching are the greatest! I feel so blessed. We had Eli and Nilsons (if I forgot their fake names again I am sorry..) baptismal interviews this week. It was so fun to watch them both walk into the church scared out of their minds for the interview but of course with giant smiles on their faces and then leave with such gratitude and the attitude of changing the world! They announced their baptisms in church on Sunday and Eli was so excited that when they called his name he just jumped up and waved to all the ward. Then we noticed that Nilson wasn't there.. (keep in mind he doesn't have a car) so we look for the usual members that bring him to church and they weren't there either. Mid sacrament we had to find someone to go pick him up and then bring him to church. But he finally came and walked in with a new suit jacket and this brief case with all his spiritual books! It was the sweetest thing! During our gospel principles call Sister Denault asked if she could come to Nilsons baptism and he just lit up and was soo happy. "YES! Everyone is invited! Everyone come to my baptism!" It was like a little kid waiting for his birthday party.

    We also had a conversion fireside this week, which is where converts in our ward share their conversion stories. Nilson and Eli came and loved it. Afterwards I was talking to Eli and he was talking about all the spiritual experiences he had leading up to his conversion. He told me about the defining moment he had where he was overcome with the spirit and a wave of memories of meeting with us and with church and with his mormon co-workers and how he just knew. Then of course he said he wanted to share his conversion at the next fireside next month. Then.. I saw Nilson who was holding the hand of the Christus just looking up at Christ with such humbleness. I told him thanks for coming to the fireside and he asked if he could do that (meaning share his conversion at the fireside). I told him of course as long as he wanted to. Then I asked if he was ready and with tears in his eyes and a huge smile he nodded. They are both so ready.. I cannot even wait. I could talk about them all day and it wouldn't even come close to the miracles I have witnessed in both of them. They both want to shout their testimony to the world. They have taught me so much, and how to truly become humble and teachable like a child.

  Our other investigator won't pray.. It is hard because he feels like he cannot be forgiven.. or that he has to become worthy before he can pray. But I know that we cannot become worthy without prayer. He is in a catch 22.. but I won't lose hope. I won't let myself. Faith brings about miracles! I believe that!

  Sorry for just rambling on and on about Eli and Nilson. I am just so excited. I love the work!

I love you too, don't worry :)!

Sister Poulson


Funny of the week: We were teaching Nilson and he had to leave at 6:00 to go to a back to school night for his daughter. So we made sure we were out on time so he could go to that. Sure enough we get to the car and I realize that I had lost the keys.. So we go back to Nilsons and pretty much pull apart the couch.. walk up and down the street and all the good stuff. 20 min. later I look in my purse and there are the keys.. "oops". So Nilson was late and the keys were with me the whole time.


Oh!!! I forgot to tell you about the Marshallese guy! We taught him again and we realized that no matter what we said it wouldn't be enough to portray the important message we have. So.. we were led by the Spirit I'm sure to and the conference talks. We got to the April General Conference and guess what.. they had Marshallese! We listened to the merciful shall obtain mercy by Elder Uchtdorf, and he just sobbed. It is amazing the Spirit that the prophet and apostles have! They really are inspired of God. It was such an awesome lesson!

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