Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So.. I can't find the subject line but if I could I would put. 02/27/2012

So.. I can't find the subject line but if I could I would put : "By Small and Simple things are Great things come to pass"

I guess everyone has heard that the Visitor Center has finally opened!! YEAH!!! I love it! It is tiny.. yes, very small, but I cannot believe how much is in there. I could teach all 5 missionary lessons with the resources found in that room the size of my bedroom at home.. What is all this prophet talk going on? ha ha no I have not met the prophet.. but! That might change, the Visitor Center will not be dedicated for a few months, I am thinking in April sometime, and then someone from the general authorities will come down and dedicate it. It will be really neat I am sure.
Anyways we started training on Wednesday and this week has flown faster than any other week.. I wonder if my whole mission will be going this fast. Anyway I wish I could tell you all about the Visitors Center but there is just way too much to tell. I won't lie I was so scared to start teaching in the Visitors Center, people come to us, which believe it or not adds a little more pressure. When we opened on Saturday it was soooo busy.. I was overwhelmed and it was hard to teach anything. We had 681 people come opening day, that is a ton! Especially for this center that is supposed to hold 60 something people at a time. Most of them were members and were coming to get a feel for what it was like and what it had, so we didn't teach very much, most people were just observing. It was good though because almost all of them loved it and said they were going to bring back friends. Which is just what we want. At first I thought I wouldn't be doing much at the Visitors Center because no one wanted to be taught they just wanted to play with the displays and look around on their own. But that all changed yesterday. It was one of those off days where I just didn't feel completely there. I was worried that I wasn't doing any good to anyone.. So I said a prayer. I asked the Lord to please help me to bring the spirit and to do thy will. It was amazing the change after that. I was talking to a member and she was saying that she had a really hard family situation at home. She was a mother and she felt like her kids didn't love her. It was so sad and I cannot imagine a kid not loving their mother. And I really believe that no matter how the child acts, every kid loves their mother, even if they don't always recognize it. We talked about the love of the savior, and how he loves all of his children. I am not sure how the whole conversation went but the just of it was that this gospel is all about love. If our actions don't come from love then they are not of Christ. That is the best message anyone can ever hear is to know that they are loved and important, and sometimes we are the ones giving the love with seemingly little on the receiving side. But I know that if I love, great things come from it! Then we had a few non members come in. One lady was an investigator, she had 2 kids but one passed away from a premature birth. We talked for a long time about the greatness of the gospel and how much God loves us because he gave us eternal families, and really I am not sure there is a greater gift. It was crazy because I knew this lady for 30 min. and I loved her so much, I could just feel how much the Savior loved her. I guess that is what happens as a missionary, you just feel for other people, it is almost like you experience their life with them, it is great and sometimes it is sad but I love it. I love the people, they are so awesome and they have sooo much potential.
I decided potential scares me.. SO many people talk about all the great miracles and things that will come about because of the work I am doing in the visitor center. My problem is not that I don't believe them, but that I do believe them. I know there is so much potential for this Center and that miracles will be brought about, I just get scared that I won't live up to what I can do, or I won't do as much as I can. I know it sounds silly, but it really is a fear of mine. I don't ever want to say "what if I did this".. I want to be able to say "I did all I could", but I am not perfect.. nor will I ever be close, which brings me back to how grateful I am for the atonement. I am so happy that I don't have to be perfect, and that I don't ever have to teach perfectly.. because the savior will make up the rest. I am so grateful for that, because without that the people would get no where.. I really have to bring so little and the Savior does the rest.
Well I love you all very much. I was thinking about you alot this week because we have a film in the Visitor Center called Gods plan and it is all about families. It is funny how much you appreciate something when you are away from it. I am excited to show you all the Visitors Center one day and to watch it together! (even if it is in 10 years). I love you. Have a great week! Choose the right ;)!
Sister Poulson

Weekly funny: We were tracking and a boy who was probably 16 or 17 answered the door, I asked if his parents were home and he said "No they aren't" my response "AWESOME!" ....oops lol I didn't realize how creepy that was till I walked away and Sister Piggot cracked up while calling me a creepo.. I meant for it to be more of a "that’s ok we can still teach you kind of way" Oh well.. Life is good :)!

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