Thursday, January 19, 2012

First letter

Dearest Family,
I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and doing well! First things first, I leave the Mtc fEB 6th, um... what day of the week is that? We have no access to a calendar. Next my companions name is Sister Tolutau (think it's hard pronouncing try remembering it lol). She is from SLC and went ot east. She is very tongan, very nice, and so far we get along well! She is going to the New zeland visitors center. As far as I am concered we are the only sisters (and elders possibly) going to our location. I sure hope I don't fly alone, because we all know how well that went last time! We have another group (trio) of sisters in our district and who also share a room with us. Sister Earl(and everytime I say her name I get stuck to the song "Earl had to die" by the Dixie Chicks... probably not the best thing) Sister Manson and Sister MacManamy. They are super cute and I like them alot! They are going to Anahiem NY, visitor center as well!
My first day was good. We got in a group of 400 new elders and sisters (71 were sisters) and had a devotional welsome thing. We sang called to serve and a lady of the stand just cried (she reminded me of you mom). Then I realized why she was crying, it was because we were in a room filled with servents of the lord, all about to embark on adventures that will change the world for the better!
I like it here but it was no lie that I would always be tired. First night I had a hard time falling asleep so early but eventually did around midnight (witout any bennedryl)The workouts are great and the food is good too! I was told by 9:00 i'd be ready for bed but that's not true it's more like 6pm lol. The Spirit is great and I am learning alot! I love you all so much!
Sister Poulson

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