Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 25th e-mail

Hello again!
Another week has come and gone, and they were right.. the time does go fast! Last week I feel like I had so much to tell you but now every day blends into one and I am not sure what to say lol. Sounds like our mexican car lot at home is growing each week.. wish I could see that lol. But that is totally awesome that you sold the first car!
So I have a joke for you all.. ready for it?! Brace yourselves... What was Lehi's family pet? ... I am sure the suspense is killing you by now... a flee! "Take your family and FLEE into the wilderness" hehehe I find myself so funny sometimes. Do you think I am getting weird yet.. well if I wasn't already there.
I will start out with the good news! Me and Sista T (that's what we call her now considering her name is near impossible to pronounce) have now committed 2 of our investigators to baptism! The bad news.. they are just our teachers impersonating investigators they had on their missions, but hey! a baptism is a baptism, and once they say they will get baptised you just want to scream in their face with excitment (of course I don't thought).
Another investigator we have who I strongly believe is a real investigator and not just an actor (and I will probably be devastated if I find out otherwise) is doing wonderful. It is strange, we have met with her 3 times and I absolutely love her! She is from Guatamala and she just talks and talks and talks, finally after about 30 min of her rambling on about her family and history we have to cut in and say something spiritual. It is great that she is so open with us though because I feel like I really know her and everytime we go in we are just comfortable and we really know what her needs are and how to invite the spirit. I wish I could tell you all about our meetings, but no words can express. She is the one investigator that each time we leave a lesson I know the spirit was there and I that she was brought a little closer to Christ. We asked her if she wanted to baptized last visit and she was sincerly liking the invitation, but.. she needs to talk to her husband first and keep praying about the book of mormon. Holy smolly is the book of mormon awesome. It is even awesomer as a missionary because each time I open it I find something that I swear was written specifically for a certain investigator. Also.. if you really look, every single question can be answered by just using that book. Oh the power :) ! I have learned so much about the book of mormon, and it is crazy that every story in it can be related to me or my investigators in some way. Which is what they are for right...? To apply them to ourselves. So read! That is my challange for you. And have faith the the Lord will answer your questions if you ask sincerly, with faith that he will answer, and with a cause relevent to salvation then watta bing watta bam! How great thou art!
Tell Ben to convert Samantha because eternal families are such a great thing. I am so lucky to live with you guys forever!! :) But sorry you have to deal with me that long... get over it! Count your blessings ha ha. And be very jealous (jk don't.. that's a sin) but next Tuesday is the 50th anniversary of the MTC and it has been said that either Monson or one of the big 3 will be speaking to us at the devotional! I am pretty stoked about that. It sucks for the elders in our district though because they leave monday. Karma.. Anyways, I love you all so very much! :)

Sister Poulson

No quotes from my "selective hearing" this week.. I think my hearing is improving :)!! The power of the spirit ;)

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