Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sister poulsons first e-mail

Hello family!
How are you all doing?! I don't know if you got my first letter I sent home but I hope so because I really don't want to say everything twice (how boring right?!) The MTC is great! The first two days were like a fire hydrant to the face and I could only take in so much. It was overwhelming but I felt like my testimony went from 1 to 10! Didn't know that was possible. I have learned so much and I wish I could share it all with you, but considering we learn over a million things in one day it makes it a little hard to do that. After the first few days time flew, I cannot belive it is already wednesday.. where did sunday monday and tuesday go?! I love my companion. We are very different but it is awesome how having the same purpose brings us closer together. She is a sweetheart! Together we have 4 "investigators" Lacy (who is really our teacher Sister Knudson playing the role of an investigator she had on her mission), Peter (who is our other teacher Brother Bradley also playing a role of one of his investigators), Tary (yes i made that up) she is a real investigator that gets paid to come to the MTC and listen, and then we have Brother Lary (also made up) who is an inactive member. Our first lesson was with Lacy and well.. we sucked! I have to admit I got a little discouraged but holy schmolly did we learn from that experience. We learned that you can give a lesson and tell everything perfectly but if it doesn't apply to them or isn't personal they really won't care... It is hard but that is why we have the spirit right? Oh how I love the spirit! It works miracles, I have seen them already. We have so many great experiences with them but I will just share one with you. We went to meet with Brother Lary who is inactive. His wife isn't a member and she and him got in a lot of arguments over the church, so eventually he stopped going. He has a testimony and I know he loves the Lord. His biggest regret was not raising his children in the church. We went in without a real lesson plan because this was our first meeting with him and we weren't aware of his needs. All we had were goals, we were to pick one of the three; get him to pray, get him to read the B of M, or get him to go to chruch. It was crazy how the spirit totally took over, we found scriptures, sang a song relating perfectly to his needs, and by the end he committed to read the book again and to pray more. We asked him to pray at the end and considering he hadn't done it in a while it was suprising when he said yes, he then prayed and in the prayer said "thank you for sending me these sisters and there message.. (but that wasn't the great part) thank you for helping me to go back to church (WHAT?!). Miracle right?! We had one goal and because of the spirit he commited to all 3. Now we just have to follow up! I love missionary work already! Me and Sister Toluta'u left both with tears in our eyes! I have had many more experiences and could probably write a book already. The devotionals are wonderful and seem to come at the perfect time, yesterday (meaning Tuesday) Keven R. Duncan of the 70 spoke to us, he said many great things but the main message I got from it was to love, love love love! Love investigators (even if they reject me), love my companion (critisism is toxic), love my role as a missionary, love the Lord! When times get tough I can tell you that this is the greatest thing to do! Another great thing he shared was the miracles of missionary work. One guy he taught on his mission had such strong faith, they taught the word of wisdom and right after he closed down the bar he owned, and even though he was out of the job he knew the Lord would help him. What faith right.
Anyway I am running out of time. Thank you so much for the letters and love! You guys are the best family ever! If you haven't guessed wednesday is my P-day. And no I don't need anything else shipped! Thank you though. I saw the Bardsleys today and it was so awesome seeing someone from home. What a cute family! Also today I did get to go to the temple, it was my only time to really think about me and yet I couldn't help think about how things could relate to my investigators and how to help them. I wish I could share more. I love you lots!!!!
Sister Poulson

"When everything says you can't belive the part of you that says you can"

Oh and before I forget.. Weird thing I said for the week;
Sister Earl "I like off brands" me: "Oprah?!"

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