Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hola Familia

Hola Familia,

Yes I am still in an English speaking mission! So.. yesterday was Presidents day which meant that the library was closed. But.. don't fret, you just have to wait an extra 24 hours for my email! This week has been pretty good. Missionary work always has it's up's and downs. Sparkle... sadly did not show up for her appointment. But.. It was crazy, because that morning when we were planning for her lesson I had this idea of going through 2 Nephi 9 and putting about a million (poor girl) little side notes describing what the verses meant and the greatness of God and his plan for us. Sister Piggot and I just left her the scriptures and a cute little Valentine and hoped to catch her another time.. but I personally am not to sure if that will happen, but I am not giving up on faith!

I decided that missionary work is awkward.. ha ha it just is! Before a mission I would rarely call people.. now I call people all the time, and I call them twice in the same hour sometimes, that was once a no no. Also.. texting, I personally didn't like sending another text before getting a response but now I text people who don't want to hear from me all the time. But hey.. persistence is good right! Also.. talking to complete strangers.. besides dad I don't know whose comfort zone that is in. Now brace yourselves for the most awkward thing I have done yet on my mission... Sister Piggott and I were tracting when we ran into a boy in his older teens. We gave him our schpiel and then he told us he was atheist, Sister Piggott offered a pass along card, he denied and then we walked away. After he told us he was an atheist I had this strong impression to just tell him that God does exist and that God really does love him and know him personally.. unfortunately as you can see I didn't do that. The whole next day at the Visitor Centers first meeting I could not focus on what I was supposed to be learning, instead I kept thinking about that boy and how I should have just said something. After the meeting I asked Sister Piggot if we could go back to the atheists’ house. She was confused but could see that it was really weighing on me so we went back. I cannot tell you how terrified I was.. I was so scared and there were so many things that kept coming up that would allow me to justify it.. but I knew what I needed to do and I knew that the devil was just trying to make things hard for me (besides what easy thing has ever been rewarding.. it takes effort and it is the hard things in life that teach us the most). Walking up to the door was like walking up to the pulpit to bare my testimony (not anymore.. I get to do that every hour practically).. but it was that weird feeling like my spirit was not in my body. We got to the door and when he answered he looked super confused. He was probably thinking "What the freak.. didn't I just get rid of these girls yesterday". I tried to make it not awkward and told him that as weird as it was I had a strong feeling that I needed to come and tell you that God does exist and that he knows you and not only that but that he loves you. I am not sure if it made any difference at all to the boy, but knowing that I did not fail God was a great feeling and I was filled with so much joy (in other words tears). Yes.. missionary work is awkward but it is so worth it! I realize that if I stop worrying about the "what if they get offended" or "what if I am embarrassed" and think about "what if something great happens" then I will be a lot more successful. That goes for you at home as well!

Want to know something else exciting?! Well.. If you don't I will tell you anyway. Today we went over to a ladies house that we have been trying to meet with for a while now. Not only was she home but she was expecting us! We brought a member with us to the lesson and I cannot tell you how much the spirit did in the lesson... I know that the member that came with us was supposed to be there this day, and the connected great! I could just see the spirit working with them and connecting everything! It was awesome. Honestly, Sister PIggot and I didn't even need to be there. The lady talked the whole time.. which is how it should be :)! She started off by saying that she didn't know if she needed the gospel but she just liked to pray.. then ended with "would it be alright if I go to church with you"! WAIT WHAT?!!!!! We didn't even have to invite her.. we didn't even have to say anything.. she just kept talking and all the sudden the spirit told her to come to church with us! Oh and not only that but to read the scriptures! Goodness gracious.. Miracles do happen! We just have to be aware of them! I loved it! I see great things happening for her. Oh and Lucy and Gucy are doing great. Last lesson was wonderful and by the end I don't know what it was but something told me that they were going to be baptized.. and I don't doubt it! I will keep you posted. It is funny because as hard as the week was the parts that I remember are the good parts!

Tomorrow I get to see the Visitor Center for the first time. It has been completely blocked off and even papered over the windows. So I am excited to see it! I am also excited for how many people will be coming. It will be so nice for people to come to the Visitor Center in a non-threatening environment and learn of the gospel! Also.. less time tracking ;) oh wait.. no complaints!

I love you lots,

Sister Poulson

Funny of the week: Sister Piggot almost broke her ankle. Doesn't sound that funny.. but trust me.. it was!

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