Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last Week in the MTC!

Hello familia,
First of all sorry that I did not write on Wednesday, this week our schedule changed due to Visitor Center training! So we went to the temple and did tours on wednesday and then today (friday is our P-day). This week has been good. We are learning a lot about how to conduct tours specifically for people, because how flipin boring would it be to just have a history tour right?! Great news... there are 21 visitor centers in the world and the Portland Oregon Visitors center opens at the end of this month. They are just getting the Christis ready! How cool right?! I get to be a pioneer for this visitor center and I am super excited. I decided that visitor center tours are much harder than proceliting... belive it or night. When I am proseliting I know the person I am going to be teaching, I know the lesson, and I know the persons needs. At the Visitor Center I have 30 min. to get to know the person, spark their interest in the gospel (if they are not already a member. If they are we have to bring the spirit and still find something they need to hear), and then come up with a lesson right on the spot. The plus side is I will have a lot of resources such as movies, pictures, music, etc. It is super fun though. Each time we practice starting tours I get really nervous because you really have no idea who you will be talking to or what lesson you are going to teach them. But it is so awesome because each time I am fully reliant on the spirit because well... that is all I can do. And the Lord never fails me, I always leave thinking holly smollly how did that just happen. The spirit is such an amazing thing and being a missionary you really become close to the spirit, so close that even if you stray off for a minute you can feel that the spirit is no longer there. Another thing that we get to do, which is my most favorite is online teach. I love it!! Ha ha It is different because the people that talk to me usually have super deep questions or concerns that they wouldn't talk to someone about face to face. But it is a neat experience. Me and my companion talked to a 12 year old girl yesterday and it was really neat, she had a lot of cool questions and by the end she agreed to keep talking to us and she wants us to send her a book of mormon (I am not sure where she is from). I used to think that visitor center missionaries had it easy.. but that is not true. We have a lot of work to do always and it is not easy.. But i love it. Something I learned this week is that it is ok to have hard times and go through painful experiences (you really connect with investigators on an emotional level I didn't know was possible.. thank you mom for giving me your tender heart lol). I learned that if I am going to call myself a deciple of Jesus Christ and take upon myself his name that I am going to have to prove that I am a deciple even if that means feeling some of the blood and pain he suffered for me. Salvation is not easy... It wasn't for the Savior so why should it be for me? And why should it be for my investigator? The promise is that it will be worth it. Don't ever give up! Life is not meant to be easy and even though that would be nice that just isn't how it is. If I didn't go through pain for my investigators I would not know how to help them, but by going through things I learn and I grow closer to Christ! It really is worth it!
Me and my companion are getting ready to leave this Monday. I cannot belive that the MTC is already over... am I ready? I am not sure.. But I guess there is no better way to know than by getting thrown straight into it. Before I forget will you please go on TONIGHT and send me a letter with my Portland Oregon address? I really want to keep in touch with Sister T and my other roomates but that isn't possible without giving them my address. And I need you to email it off tonight so I can get it by tomorrow.. anytime after that I will not be at the MTC. So please do that for me. Thank you much!
Tell Will congrats on his team! Tell him to expect a letter from me shortly (I sent it off today). Also congrats on selling the cars. I heard about grandma Poulson.. tell her that I am so sorry, I am glad it went well and that I will keep her in my prayers. Goodness health is a scary thing sometimes. But how lucky are we to know that no matter what happens it will all be ok, because we can be together forever! What a great gift. This week I have been working on coming close to Christ myself. I always tell my investigators to come unto Christ by following his example.. I have a lot of work to do. Sometimes I am not always patient... It is hard with a companion. Sometimes I let pride get the best of me, and then I realize I really am the dust of the earth... and without God I am literally nothing. I heave learned that just being LDS is not enough, being like Christ and becoming better is a life long journey.. there is always more to learn and always things to improve on! The MTC has a way of making you feel great, but humble. I love it. It will be weird to leave my companion and teachers and go into the real world. I will be honest I am terrified of the airport.. I am so scared to fail God. It is scary talking to complete strangers... I know that if I feel a prompting from the spirit that I will just have to get over my fear of the world and fear God... That's the best I can do. I was told I can call but I leave the MTC at 5:00 am so it will be super early. I might still try.. I am not sure the exact time though. But I love you lots and am so gratefull for all the love and support! I really do have the greatest family! PS... I expect a valintine :)! \
Sister Poulson!

OH I amost forgot! It was the 50th anniversary and it was awesome. It wasn't President Monson but it was Elder Holland and Elder Nielson, it was a neat experience! They talked a lot about the historic missionaries.. I have a lot to live up to. I was lucky enough to get a seat in the chior... it was crazy..

Funny story of the week: The MTC got P90X... craziest workout. We did the leg work out and I thought I was doing so great and wasn't feeling much pain. Oh by gollie... the next day I coulnd't get off my bunk bed.. my poor companion I am litterally disabled.. I can't even sit on the toilet.. yes too much information but I had to share.

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