Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm in Oregon!

So what?! No email from you all this week? You think a phone call at the airport is good enough... well I disagree lol. I hope all is going well at home!
I landed in Portland Oregon safely, but I figure you already knew that considering President Morby took like 10 pictures and said they were going to be sent to my parents! It is cold here, but not as cold as in SLC, but still cold lol. My companions name is Sister Piggett! She is super cute, she slightly looks me ;) jk. We started trackting yesterday and can I just say that it is hard... I feel like a sales woman and I don't like feeling that way. People just look at you and don't even let us finishing saying what we have to say when they cut us off and shut the door. I know that if they just got to meet us or talked to us they would like us, I think we are pretty fun girls! But it's ok, I kept telling myself that even though there weren't many people interested that I was where I needed to be and I couldn't be disappointed in myself. It was sunny though so I was happy about that, I can't imagine trackting in pouring rain but I guess I will know soon enough! Apparently the weather is surprisingly dry for this time of year, but I can't complain. We eat dinner with members every night, and my thoughts of possibly loosing weight are already shot down the drain and we only ate with one member so far. She decided to give us the largest steaks... but that wasn't even our dinner ha ha she is older and we went to visit her at a retirement center type of place (similar to the one Grandma Annette used to work at), we orded our food and then she requested some steaks that she purchased for us and then there was the appetizer. My poor tummy ha ha maybe they think we eat like the elders but they are surely wrong! But they are super nice. After trackting it is nice to meet with members who love the gospel and remind me of why I am out here, because the gospel is really a great thing to families.
Later that night we taught an inactive family. We watched the restoration video and then discussed it. I think it well except we realized that we needed to find some activities for the children as well, so that is our next goal. There is a baptism on the 11th and I haven't met the girl yet but I get to go and be a part of it! I like my mission presidents. They are really nice and parent like.
It is harder than I expected.. but it's all good. It will all be worth it in the end! I love you guys so much, and miss you now more than ever. My companion is super sweet but she likes talking about her former companions, which is cool but makes me feel like I need to try harder to be more like them. But I don't,I think I am a fun girl.. and we will have lots of fun times together.
I am super excited for the Visitor Center to open. After trackting I realise that it will be so nice to only do that half day and then have people come to me at the Visitor Center. I am guessing most of them will be members but that is still fun. I can still teach them something and help them to lift where they stand. I realise that the members do a lot. Just by being friends and examples. If every member lifted where they stood there would be no need for missionaries. People like listening to people they trust and are friends with more than strangers. Members really can do a lot. Don't forget it, you all are super important. Share the message whenever you can! I know it is scary, but you also know how great the gospel is and how much it has blessed our family so don't forget that you are doing it for their own happiness. It is ok to be brave! Fear God more than the world!
It is super pretty here! Feels like California but some of the neighborhoods look like Pennsylvania ha ha. My P-day is usually monday but since there were transfers yesterday ours got moved to today. We are going on a hike with our district, it should be fun. I can't wait till I don't feel so new lol. I love you guys millions! P.S. mom I can't seem to find cream tights anywhere, if you find any will you please send some to me, my shopping locations are limited. Thanks!
Much love,
Sister Poulson

P.S. Read Alma 5! This is my challange for you! As a family read it and write down all the questions you find. Then after answer them for yourself. It was a very humbling chapter for me but it helped give me the drive to do better.

My new address is 250 Evergreen Rd. Apt #35
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

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