Monday, February 13, 2012

What a week!
Guess what?! I have been in Oregon for a week now! Crazy right?! But not.. it was a long week but a good one. Tracting is super hard and when my gloves get wet it's impossible to keep my hands warm. Apparently people here just imbrace the rain and umbrellas are a foreign thing. So when we come to doors with an umbrella we are screaming "FOREIGNER" haha. Even though tracting is hard it is super fun. We went to a house that had this sign that said "No Soliciting or.. any other religious nuts" I found it so funny and am tempted to go back and take a picture of it to send home. I guess I am a religious nut.. weird! My companion is super cute and guess what?! She loves to sing. So.. we started this new door approach since a lot of our other schpiels don't work, and we ask if we can sing them a song. Why you ask? Well because I have found that by singing a hymn it is one of the fastest ways to invite the spirit, so even if they don't want to listen to the great most wonderful message that we have they will still be touched by the spirit! :). So you can go tell grandma Annette that I am finally doing something with my voice. (I think that was her that said I need to do more with it, or maybe it was grandma Poulson.. oh well you can tell both ;).)
I have found that it is those times when I am most tired and cold and when it is so easy to give up that that is when the Lord pours out his blessings. Who would have thought that hard work pays off. It has helped me learn to never give up and that NO work is wasted! :). Me and Sister Piggott decided that we were going to go visit some old investigators from past missionaries and pay them a visit. We had set 3 aside that we wanted to go to first. But... for some reason when we started to visit them I forgot about those first 3 and went to another name. The past missionaries dropped these investigators because they could not find their house to teach them again. They must have been super lazy of something because the house (well appartment) was not to hard to find. It only takes asking a few people! So we found the house and it just so happened that they weren't only home but they let us in! We taught the restoration and can I just say that Lucy (the mother) and Goosey (the daughter) are golden! Gucy has been going to lots of camps with the young womens and has a lot of LDS friends. They were both super interested and I just love them! So cute! It is Gucy's 15th birthday today so me and Sister Piggott are going to go drop her off this cute little card and some treats! We have a lesson with them on friday and I am stoked for it! It is amazing how the spirit leads and guides us and knew that we needed to go to that house at that time. I also love that the Lord never forgets anyone! Lucy and Gucy were dropped by the missionaries in 2010 and now in 2012 the Lord still remembers them and brought us to them! I love it!!
But wait that is not all! I got this exited feeling to go to this cute little street. After almost thinking that my feeling was in vain we got to this one ladys house. She was busy and told us that it was not a good time.. but we didn't give up there! We asked when would be a better time and she told us that usually after 8pm but she wasn't making any promises that she would be there. So the next day (yes we are persistent) we went back at 8pm and she was there! Her house smelled of cat and her cat was all up in my face the whole lesson but it was so worth it! (but eww lol) (I will call this investigator Kitty he he) I love that the Lord knows right when to give me a blessing! Believe it or not as hard as tracting is and no matter how many people tell us to go away my testimony keeps getting stronger!
Sorry I keep talking but I have just one more story. Last night we tracted these appartments (if you haven't picked up on it yet we tract a lot... right now this area is dead and hasn't seen a baptism in 2 years... but!!! That will change soon :)!!!) we came to an appartment and a girl probably my age answered the door. She was super cute and even had sparkely eye shadow on! Anyways.. we asked her if she wanted to learn more and she said yes! No hesitation or anything.. it was funny but we are so used to hearing no that when she said yes we didn't know what to say. But we got a return appointment and I am so excited to go teach her! She is so great!! We will call her Sparkles!
Anyways the members are super nice and mom you did say that you wouldn't love me if I came home 300 pounds, but I am sorry you are still going to have to love me! :)
I am super stoked about selling all the cars and I have to admit that I almost cried when you said that you were not doing the Coffee shop! YEAHHH!!!! This church is so true and anything we can do to help people come closer to Christ and closer to the gospel is great in Gods eyes. Even though it was just a coffee shop you are staying strong to what you belive and I promise you that you will be blessed for it! I love you all so much and I thank God every single night and sometimes multiple times through out the day for giving me my great family! I also just want to say thanks for raising me in the gospel! even though when I was little and didn't always understand the greatness of the gospel, the standards and the commandments have helped me to live a life that I am happy with. I have seen people without the gospel and how sad some of the choices thay have made have been, only because they didn't know about the blessing that we get from the commandemnts. I love that the scriptures say "If ye love me keep my commandments" and then by keeping the commandments we are not only happy with the choices we make but we are dumped on with blessings! God really really loves us! I am so grateful!
Much love,
Sister Poulson

Funny of the week: Me and Sister Piggott were teaching Lucy and Gucy the restoration lesson when my companion said "Grove of CHEESE" try not to laugh when that happens! I can tell you that it was hard but we mannaged to keep the spirit there!
Sister Piggot: Hey Sister Poulson what time is it? Me: Oh it is four zero (pronounced oh) ten...!

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