Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello and Merry Christmas,

   Yeah for the Birth of Christ :)! Yeah for His great work! Yeah for God's perfect plan! This has been a wonderful week. I know I am talking with you tomorrow so I will keep it short, but I have a few miracles that I feel I should share. On Sunday we were asked to go visit a guy who was so prepared to hear the gospel. In missionary terms he is "golden". He lives with members and so they told us to look up his address in the ward list. So.. I got so excited and looked up the address and the next day he was the first on our list to visit. We knocked on the door and a nice lady let us in, she introduced us to her cutest little 3 year old daughter and we started talking. After a few min. we asked if Joe lived there. "No.. are you at the wrong house?" "uh.. no! Are you a member?" "Yes.. but I haven't gone to church in 10 years and my husband isn't a member." So of course, we taught her. She told us that she was so glad that we came back, every time missionaries stopped by she was putting her little girl down for a nap or it just wasn't a good time. She thanked us multiple times for coming back and she had been thinking a lot about how she needs to come back to the church. I never seem to be amazed at how perfect the work of God is, and I love with all my heart being a part of it. She is overwhelmed by all the things she needs to change, yet so unhappy with her current lifestyle. The commandments really do work, if everyone followed them no one would ever wonder if there was a God. There is and He is trying to help us, we just have to listen, and when we do, we see that He is there to help and guide us, He just allows us to choose. It was a miracle that we were there that day at that time.

  Another "right place at the right time" moment was yesterday. We had 2 appointments at the same time so we each took a member and split up. Of course the lesson that I went to fell through, along with all of the back ups. The poor lady that came with me was wearing the most uncomfortable shoes and we were walking all over the place. We ended up by a former investigators house that she knew. Roy if you remember him. He was home and let us in. We started talking and I could just tell that something was weird. I was pretty sure he was drunk. As we talked he could not think of words and would insert random words. The worst was when we asked him to read he could not read more than one word and then he would get lost and start talking about "my priorities have changed". It was weird. I finally asked him if he had been drinking and he said no. Long story short we found out he was in a car accident. He couldn't tell us if he hit his head, and I am not sure if he even knew where the accident was. He started talking about his daughter (he doesn't have kids) and his pet dog (doesn't have a dog either. He was coherent enough to tell us that he was not going to the doctor until next year. He is unemployed and doesn't have insurance. He wouldn't go to the doctor so we brought the doctors to him. After and ambulance, police car, and fire truck escorted him to the hospital we were told that he has a brain tumor and bleeding in his brain. After a lot of tears and a heartfelt prayer we got a call and were told that if we did not go over there that day and send him to the hospital he most likely wouldn't have made it. It was hard.. He is dear to me. I hope he will be alright. I know he is in Gods hands. I am grateful that He knows what He is doing.

  I love you all so much! Talk to you tomorrow!

Sister Poulson

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