Monday, December 24, 2012

Hola Familia!

   It has been a really great week. I have never done so much service in my life, nor been so exhausted, nor have I been so happy. I love helping people. This week we have been learning a lot about Charity and the pure love of Christ. As I was helping these people that I would have never talked to if I wasn't on a mission, I was thinking why on earth have I not done this more and stopped and helped someone that was struggling even if I didn't know them. It brings me so much joy. I hope to do it forever :). I was telling dad that I feel so in debt to the Lord, and so grateful for what He has done for me. No matter what I do I cannot repay Him, but I can show that I am grateful and that I love Him by following him and by helping His children out. We all know I don't have any children.. however sometimes I feel like my love for all of you is similar to that of a parent, and I know for me that when I see someone do something nice for any of you that it brings me more joy than anything else. I can see why we can bring God happiness by helping out His children. We have a few people that we will hopefully be able to teach because of it as well. One of them is really struggling with life right now, I know that the Gospel can help her and help her realize how blessed she is and how much God is aware of her and loves her. 

   We have a baptism next week. We are so excited. Nilsons daughter who is 11 is getting baptized and just guess who gets to baptize her... AHHH!!!! I cannot even believe it, it is going to be one of the greatest days on my mission! Nilsons girlfriend came back to Oregon and I was really nervous about it at first. But now I am so happy, they are working towards having an eternal family and she could not be happier with the change that she has seen in Neilson. Also if I didn't tell you before, turns out she is a member, not active but that will soon change :)! It is going to be so neat for Melanie to have all of the family support. I will make sure to send pictures!

I love you!


Sister Poulson

So.. in the VC we have these huge glass windows, and every night in December we are having Christmas musical numbers from 7-7:30. Last night a group of Philippine group came in to sing and one of the ladies was walking into the Visitors Center when she slammed right into the front window.. I saw the whole thing.. She bounced off and flew back. It was so funny... it was like one of those Windex commercials! Ha ha ha ha 


After trying to hold in my laugh and compose myself for 10 min. turned out she got a compound fractured wrist. I felt so bad. I will be praying for her. 

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