Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello hello!

  It was a week full of funnies so just brace yourself.. I will start off with the Spiritual! We met with a less active earlier this week. He is really struggling with a needy child. However sad it is, God is humbling him. He is realizing now more than ever that he doesn't have the strength to do life alone. It is sad to see his trials and see how much pain he is going through because of the not so great decisions of a child. I have really learned the power and the influence of one person... I have grown so grateful for the gospel because it helps us, it helps us in trials and also in the good times. We aren't left here alone but we have guidance, and if we just follow that guidance from the scriptures prophets and ultimately Christ our life will still be hard, but we will have strength and we will have understanding, and we will know that everything in this life is working towards a greater picture; eternal life. He knows that.. he knows the gospel will help him he is just being stubborn as to put in the action. He talks and talks of his daughter making bad decisions and the effect that it is having on the whole family, I wish he could just see that by him making good decisions it will have just as big of an effect but in a positive way for his family. Agency is frustrating.. ha ha it is hard to see people struggle and know what will help them, but can't help them myself. It is all based on their own choices, and I just have to pray that they make ones that will truly benefit them. 

    This month is our Stakes "bring a friend to the Visitors Center month". One of the youth that comes to lessons with us a lot brought in her friend. We taught the restoration and Hermana was awesome!! He accepted a soft baptismal invitation (meaning that once he knows the Book of Mormon is true he will be baptized) and even accepted missionaries! (Here is where the funnies comes in) I was so excited to have such an awesome new investigator to give to the missionaries. I raced back and got on the phone "HELLO! Is this Elder Hatch?" "no" "Oh Hi Elder Byum this is Sister Poulson.." "Uh.. I think you have the wrong number" ...long pause (considering hanging up) "Oh sorry! Bye" I realized after that I had called the friend that just accepted missionaries.. it was pretty embarrassing. Then shortly after my tongue got stuck to a metal spoon.. Hermana was laughing so hard only sqeeks came out lol. However I just have to say, that I love the members! They are so awesome and they truly understand the importance of sharing the gospel with their friends, even if it is just inviting them to activities or something. 

 Well.. the rest of the week was filled with embarasments ha ha. We got home and were done with our planning and studies and everything and were just playing a game before bed when we heard a loud knock (just one knock).. of course we were terrified being in a house alone and I made Hermana say a prayer. After 10 min. of getting the nerve to go out and check the house and coming up with any comforting excuse for the sound "maybe a squirrel ran into the door" we saw that her extra large heavy umbrella had just tipped over.. 

  I love our investigators. The family that is preparing to get baptized on December 8th has the cutest little boy ever. We went over and taught a lesson and the whole time the 2 year old was walking up to each person and shaking their hands. This lasted the whole hour.. ha ha. I guess he is getting used to us and our "missionary" behaviors. 

    Hermana is doing awesome! She is really livining up the Spanish population in our area. We went out talking to people yesterday, well I guess she did ha ha, and it was awesome! Everyone she would talk to just loved her and then she got referrals. The Spanish Elders probably love having her in the area because they get multiple referrals a day. I have no idea what she is saying but it is working.. ususally I just stand there and smile and every once in a while when they laugh I will laugh along, which probably just makes them laugh harder considering they know i have no idea what they are saying. It is sweet!

  Well those are just a few things from the week. Missionary work is awesome! I love you eternally!

Sister Poulson

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