Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello hello!

   It has been a crazy week! It was Sister Bothwells birthday and we got more than spoiled.. we got fattened :)! It was a great birthday and I will tell you why! We had been teaching a family for a while, they were golden! It was a younger dad with 2 kids ages 14 and 11. I loved them! They were praying about a baptismal date and were planning on coming to church for the first time. We texted them right before church and asked if they needed directions. Their response "Oh we aren't coming". :((((( We were devastated to say the least. We asked if they needed a ride, church clothes, or if they were just nervous because it was new. They said it was neither and they just weren't ready. So.. we asked if we could come over and they said they just wanted to study the Book of Mormon and pray about it, when we asked if we could study with them they said they wanted to do it on their own. It was sad.. and we continued to text them and invite them to things and see how they were doing with little results. This Sunday, after weeks without contact we were at church. One of the members came up to me and pointed out that there was a family in street clothes and she wasn't sure if they were members. So.. I looked and my heart stopped beating. There in the back row was this little family. I was sooo happy I pracitaclly leaped out of my seat and ran over and shook their hands (I am sure the look on my face was priceless because they couldn't stop laughing). I have never been so happy! Well.. what helped is that we also had 6 investigators at church. I was so nervous ha ha.. but it was fast and testimony meeting and once people start sharing what is in their heart and what they know to be true the Spirit is so strong. 

   Then yesterday was transfers. Sister Bothwell is now full time proselyting . I'm not sure if she's excited or not. I have a new companion, a Spanish Hermana (that means Sister). She just came from the MTC which means I get to train her! First I was so excited, what an honor that President Morby trusts me to train a new missionary. Then I was terrified ha ha how do I train a new missionary? Well.. I love her! She is so cute! There is something about new missionaries.. it's a new energy, I love it. I decided the best way to train her would be to just throw her into it. So we went over to Nilsons and decided to extend a baptismal date to his daughter. Well.. she was so scared, but she did awesome! She tried so hard and she opened her mouth, which is the most important thing. The Spirit was so strong. Melanie (Nilsons daughter) shared with us that since she has been praying she has seen the Lord help her in her day to day life. She told us that she had a math class coming up, she decided that she was going to pray and ask for help with it because she was really nervous. After she prayed she had this strong feeling that she was going to do alright, and that she didn't need to worry. It was so neat to see that she knew God cared about her, he cared about everything even her math test and was more than ready to help her if she just asked. She did really good on the test! The Spirit is amazing, it really helps us to find comfort in scary situations and guide us in our life. Also.. last but not least she is getting baptized! And Hermana even invited her on her first day! November 17th! She is awesome! 

   It was an awesome week! I love being a missionary! Everyone should go!

I love you so much!

Sister Poulson 

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